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Today, while i commuted to office, I decided to look at guestbooks ideas for my wedding. Traditionally, guest books are exactly what it is – books – where people write their well wishes and all… until some folks out there decide to break out of the norms and head for the unusual. Nowadays guestbooks come in all sorts of shape and sizes and some are not even books. Guests sign, type, print and tie their well wishes, all in the name of love. I am sharing some of my bookmarked ones here:



Seriously, who can resist the charm of a vintage typewriter. It looks like it is most suited if one is going for a vintage or shabby chic wedding theme. But it also doubles up as a wonderful photo prop. I am thinking of getting some pastel coloured ones and rent them out or something. Wonder if there is any demand? Hmm…

Source: (clockwise from left) Wedding Window | Love and Lavender | Ruffled Blog



I read this in a blog of someone who loves the movie “Up”. They printed the house and their guests stick their thumbs on it to form balloons of many different colours. I can understand why this is quickly catching up – it is easy and so much fun to do. Another popular variation is creating leaves using thumbprints but personally I prefer balloons just because it is so colourful!

Source: Wedding Chicks

The Wedding Chicks have very kindly offer free prints. Click here to get yours now. Or create your own if you can draw. Just make sure it is large enough for guests to print.



This is my most favourite (for now) and is a very clever way to play with the phrase “The Key to a Happy Marriage”. Guests are asked to write some words of encouragement or advice on a tag, tie it with a key, and hang it up on a tree or a door or something. This definitely makes a great conversation piece. Just need to find some pretty vintage keys.

Source: (clockwise from left) Style Me Pretty | Style Me Pretty


3D artwork

Here is another great way to get guests to sign. It doesn’t seem hard to recreate on your own and definitely inexpensive. All you need is a lot of heart-shaped cutouts and a large frame.

Source: Heartwork Memories | (top right) Celadon Home


Love Envelopes

The way I see it, this seems like some sort of variation of the above mentioned 3D artwork. Instead of cutting out hearts, you fold little envelopes and stick their back into a large piece of frame. Guests write their notes, slip them into the envelopes and seal them up. And the thing I like most of this is you can make them as colourful as you want or colour-coordinate them with your theme.

Source: (clockwise from left) Martha Stewart | Girly Wedding | Esther Julee


Recipe box

Here is another genius wordplay – Recipe for Love. What a great way to gain some love advice (or anecdotes). Here’s to hoping that some kindly aunties might even share their secret food recipes ;). After all, there is a saying that goes the road to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

Source: (clockwise from left) Cut the Cake Designs | Girly Wedding | The Creative Mindd

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