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I have been looking at quite a bit of wedding photos and really fancy having those nicely decorated refreshment table where you can do away with boring, spiffy waiters and the guests will only be too happy to serve themselves. I reckon that if you do it right, you don’t even need to serve expensive champagne and people will still be equally impressed. Check out some of these ideas and let me know if you agree/disagree:

Themed drinks station

Decorate it with banners to make it look like an actual stall that sells drinks, or match it with your wedding theme. It doesn’t hurt if you can serve your drinks out of those gorgeous glass drinks dispensers.

Source: (clockwise from left) My Bride Story | Before the Big Day | inspired by this

Creative serving glasses using mason jars

Mason jars are cheap, easily obtainable (you just need to collect jam jars from friends and family, peel off those labels, and make sure they are washed thoroughly) and are multifunctional. You can use them as vases, containers, lanterns etc. In the case of this, mason jars replace drinking glasses. I am thinking perhaps by personalising them with name labels and I can even reduce the number of jars I need to wash afterwards.

Source: (clockwise from left) the pinay barganista’s blog | country farmgirl | Ashley Maxwell Photography | A Stunning Affair’s Blog

…soda bottles

Ice-cool fizzy drink with your very own printed label

Source: Sara De St Jean | Margo | Stephanie J Designs

…and milk bottles

Drinking from milk bottles may seem kiddish but I think that one should play along with this by adding ribbons and colourful paper straws. Look how charming those cute little milk bottles become.

Source: Kara’s Party Ideas | Simply By Tamara Nicole

Cute drinks label

Print your own labels and paste them on the bottles. If you need more than an inspiration, check out the sites from Marry You Me  and Martha Stewart where they provide free label downloads.

Source: (clockwise from left) Marry You Me | Emmaline Bride | Martha Stewart

Drinks that matches your colour theme

This would be really hard to follow if your theme does not have a pink, red, yellow or green colour in it. Yet, i did manage to find a great example of how one bride managed to incorporate this into her summer drink.

Source: The Sweetest Occasion


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